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About Our Nature Island

Dominica is dubbed the nature island of the Caribbean.

This is an English-speaking island, not to be confused with the Dominican Republic. It lies between the French islands of Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south. Dominica is unspoiled in its natural beauty.


The Island is of volcanic origin and sparkles with 365 rivers.

Dominica Rivers

Dominica is ranked as one of the top ten dive destinations in the world. Dominica's diverse diving experience is like none other in the Caribbean and includes an array of coral reefs, caves, cliffs and the mystifying champagne experience in areas of thermal activities.

Dominica Rivers

The natural wonders which saturate you on land are equally evident in the marine environment.


Let REJENS HOTEL in conjunction with our affiliate Dominica Vibes, introduces you to the Caribbean's most unique and spontaneous carnival celebration - "The Real Mas!" The Real Mas is the highlight of the year for Dominicans and visitors alike. This is an event where thousands of revelers from all walks of life converge on the streets and girate to the sounds of loud Calypso and Bouyon music played by live bands or huge HIFI systems in celebration of our emancipation. The wearing of colorful costumes and promotional t-shirts is a local tradition during this time.

Dominica Festivities

Dominica has a very diverse culture forged by English, African, French, and Carib influences. This is very evident in the music and social patterns. Though we are an English-speaking country the Creole dialect is also widely used.

Dominica boasts of being the home of some of the most amazing waterfalls...


...secreted among lush rainforests which covers two thirds of the island and home to over 1,200 species of tropical plants. The Island has the second (2nd) largest boiling lakes in the world...


...making it unlike any other Caribbean destination. However the most precious treasure is its people, who take pride in the preservation of their culture and making visitors feel at home!